享受香港冬日燈飾🎄To enjoy Christmas lights in HK

利東街 Lee Tung Street

每年聖誕節,利東街都有不同的聖誕燈飾,今年當然也不例外!本地藝術家 Victor Wong 創作全球首個大型AI蝴蝶光影藝術裝置「Butterflies of Hope」,寓意蝴蝶破繭而出,走出陰霾,重拾愛與希望。結合7米高的巨型教堂玻璃蝴蝶及超過350隻幻彩玻璃蝴蝶。日夜特效各有特色,日間散發自然彩光,夜晚配合音樂和 LED 燈音樂燈光匯演;同時豎立12米高互動聖誕樹,利用無觸控互動技術及光影投射,大家可以看見漫天飛舞的蝴蝶幻境。

Every Christmas, Lee Tung Street has different Christmas decorations with no exception this year! Local artist, Victor Wong, created the world's first large-scale AI butterfly light and shadow art

installation "Butterflies of Hope", which means that the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, out of the haze, and regains love and hope. It combines a giant church glass butterfly with a height of 7 meters and more than 350 magic glass butterflies. There are different special effects during days and nights, which have their own characteristics, natural color light is reflected during the day, and music and LED lights are used in the night. At the same time, a 12-meter-high interactive Christmas tree is erected. Using non-touch interactive technology with light and shadow projection, everyone can see the illusion of butterflies flying in the sky.

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