A cafe with 2D cartoon-like interior😍?!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Have you ever dreamed of living in a cartoon world? 

If you want to experience a more fun experience for dining, Uluru HK for sure won't disappoint you! It's interior design is full of B&W cartoon-like 2D drawings. They serve very aesthetic Chinese-Western fusion dishes, which makes the experience even more special. Check it out to spice up your life a little!

*THE WALLS ARE ALL HAND-DRAWN* No way!!! That must have required a lot of effort to do that for the entire store. This cafe is both instagram worthy and affordable in price. Every part of the cafe is uniquely drawn in a comic style, so customers can explore the cafe and take many photos while waiting for their food to arrive. Their tea set is only $200 and students can enjoy free drinks and snacks. Definitely a good perk to indulge!!

Very near Uluru, there is a famous street that you wouldn't want to miss out - Lee Tung Street. Also known as the Wedding Card Street by locals. This street is very aesthetically pleasing. Clean and comfortable for an afternoon walk to shop and have a cup of coffee. You wouldn't feel like you're in Hong Kong because gentrification turned this street into a European-style street with high-end brands and restaurants, and twinkling lights.

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