Perfect sunset spot at...😳

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Spectacular view here! Don't miss out.  

Many young people have heard of the IG pier, but have you seen the sunset there? The beauty is indescribable. Grab a couple of your friends and have a picnic there to enjoy the evening together! The IG pier was originally a container terminal for vessel cargo operations, thats why the cargo is the main attraction for photos. From Instagram Pier, the view of the Hong Kong's skyline, sunsets, old lamp posts, caution barriers, cargo pallets, etc. can be captured.

It's located in Sai Wan, quite far away from the MTR station so be prepared for that. The closest MTR station is HKU station, thereafter is a 20-minute walk. Prepare more food and drinks because there isn't many food stores around IG pier! ENJOYYYY~

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