State Theatre may get demolished in the near future...

State Theatre is an iconic former cinema in Hong Kong that was listed as a Grade I historic building in 2017. The State Theatre was named as Empire Theatre back in 1952, and closed in 1957, then reopened in 1959 followed by a huge renovation afterwards. Many people would go to the State Threatre for movies because of its fame resulted from the feature of Bruce Lee in the film Game of Death in 1978. Unfortunately, the theatre got permanently closed in 1997. Since then, this spot has become a popular photo spots for many people. If you want to take photos of some nostalgic Hong Kong Neon lights, you got to come here! It's located in North Point along King's Road. Be sure to check it out soon because concerns were raised that the State Theatre will be demolished sometime in the future.

Just 8 minute walk away from State Theatre Building, you would see a hidden chic cofwfee shop down the alley in North Point - Artistry Brewing Company. The interior design is full of wooden furniture and plants that makes the space very Instagrammable. Enjoy their single-origin hand pour-over coffees with your pet friends (They are pet friendly)!

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