萬聖節去邊慶祝? Where to go on Halloween?

不容錯過的秘密酒吧 Hidden bars that you should not miss!

I Sexiest Lounge Bar 最性感的酒吧 : Le Boundoir

World class paintings, art deco mirrors, and red wallpaper are what you will find in this cosy bar! You can definitely have an extraordinary experience in this hidden place, but its entrance might be a little bit hard to spot in Central Wyndham Street.

While entering the blue door with a grey curtain, you may feel like going into a wonderland. It brings you to escape from reality and enter the dream. Come and have a taste of their signature cocktail Daiquiri!

Time to get away, and chill out on Halloween!

Address: Basement, 65 Wyndham St, Central

在酒吧 Le Boundoir,你不但找到世界級的油畫、裝飾的鏡子、以及鮮紅色的牆紙,還可以在這個隱藏酒吧享受非凡的體驗。位於中環雲咸街的入口亦較難發現。




II A Secret Alcove Library 秘密圖書館: Frank’s Library

Drinking new signatured cocktails in the hidden library is extremely special for this year’s Halloween. The lounge has designed new cocktails, including Savor Truffle (oolong mixed with honey water, and gin). The creative cocktails lightened the atmosphere of the reading place, bringing customers an unforgettable experience!

A few bookshelves are found in this secret bar, so why don’t you break the rules and take a photo in this “library” ?

Address: 18 Ice House St, Central

今年萬聖節,在隱秘圖書館喝酒的經歷更爲特別!酒吧爲客人準備了特別的雞尾酒,包括美味松露(與蜂蜜水混合的烏龍茶和杜松子酒)。 創意的酒突破了閱讀場所的沉悶氣氛,帶來了簡單難忘的體驗!

一個個書架陳列在這個酒吧,何不打破規矩,在這個 “圖書館” 裏拍照呢?





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